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Kennedy’s Kridders is an educational experience with exotic animals.  An entertainer who brings fun to learning.  Our interactive shows include music, jokes and a lot of fun.

Matthew Kennedy started learning about animals at a very young age.  Growing up in a Scouting family he applied his knowledge about the animals and campfire songs to educate the youth about pet care. 

After several request to bring the experience to birthday parties the Kennedy’s Kridders trademark was born.  Since that very first birthday party we have been in museums, libraries, daycares, nursing homes, fun fairs, schools and fairs.

The Kridders love going to the London Children’s Museum. Check the Museum Calendar for more dates and times.

Kridders Agri  fair Experience

The Kridders are coming to a town near YOU!!!  Silky Chickens, Potbellied Pigs, corn snakes and all your favorite animals from Kennedy’s Kridders will be there! 

Matthew Kennedy



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