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Matthew Kennedy
Educating since 
15 years old
Currently serving Western Ontario
Kridder Visit
Full show Package
Half Day Shows
Full Day Shows
Silky Chicken
Spurred Tortious
Caiman Crocodilian
Emperor Scorpion
Tailless Scorpion
Monitor Lizard
Green Iguana
Bearded Dragon
Ball Python
Jungle Python
Carpet Python
Boa Constrictor

Non profit organizations, Nursing Homes, Scouting and Guiding organizations qualify for discounts.  Please call to inquire about prices.

Full Birthday Package: $250.00
Includes :    
    All available animals
    90 minute experience 
up to 60 minute show.
Discovery with animals.  Youth get to hold touch and take photos with the animals.
Songs, jokes and musical soundtrack

Kridder Visit: $150.00 
Includes :    
    4 Animals for 45 minutes 
Time to take photos with the animals
Youth interaction
    Sing-a-long Songs

Animal options for Kridder Visit. (choose 4)
Yellow Speckled Caiman
Corn snake and Boa Constrictor
Silky Chicken or Cockatiel
African Spurred Tortious
Arachnids (Tarantula and Emperor Scorpion
Monitor Lizard
Green Iguana

Half day events : $300-$400
    Includes show options
    Interactive display of animals

Full Day Events & Fair Experiences : 
Vary depending on options and requirements
    Includes show options
    Interactive display of animals
    Parade presence

Agri shows including “The Agri Magic Show and bulk entertainment options please contact FunFamilyShows.com at 519-955-4860

Matthew Kennedy
(519) 200-4513http://www.facebook.com/kennedyskriddersmailto:tornado.productions@hotmail.comshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1

Kridder Songs
Kat (Lion) Came Back 
Old McDonald Sold his farm (and bought himself a Zoo)
Little Peter Rabbit
Green Grass Grows
Bear necessities

Kridder Shows

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